Tracy Water Bill (2024)

1. Welcome to the City of Tracy Citizen Self Service Portal!

  • Welcome to the City of Tracy Citizen Self Service Portal! Our website ... Once signed in, you'll be able to link to your Utility and General Billing accounts.

  • MUNIS Self Services

2. City of Tracy - Home


  • CITY HALL Hours: Tues - Thurs 10am - 3pm Mailing Address: 414 Highway 273, Tracy MO, 64079 Email:

City of Tracy - Home

3. Water & Sewer Service - Tracy, MN

  • After hours on-call personnel can be reached at (507) 829-8287. Billing questions can be referred to city hall at (507) 629-5528. If you are a new customer, ...

  • The City of Tracy provides water and sewer service for all homes and businesses in the city. The utilities are maintained by the public works department and billing and inquiries are handled by the administration department. If you have questions regarding maintenance of the water or wastewater system please call (507) 629-5528 during the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm. After hours on-call personnel can be reached at (507) 829-8287. Billing questions can be referred to city hall at (507) 629-5528. If you are a new customer, please visit us at 336 Morgan Street, Tracy, MN 56175 or call to sign up for service.   Utility Bills are sent to residents on the 10th of each month and payment is due by the last day of each month. Utility payments can be made at the city offices, placed in the drop box outside the Municipal Building, or online. The link to online payments is Online Utility Payments.

4. [PDF] TRACY PWS 2023 Annual Water Quality Report

  • Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791). Terms and Abbreviations. Population: 330. This is the equivalent residential population served including non-bill.

5. How it Works - Tracy Interfaith Ministries

  • We accept any piece of mail sent to you at your address such as a PG&E bill or City of Tracy water bill. We do not accept your driver's license as proof of ...

  • How to Get Services How do I qualify for services? If you live within the boundaries of the Tracy and/or Lammersville Unified High School Districts and show ...

6. help pay for utilities programs in Tracy, ca |

  • - Utility bills - Other everyday living expenses. Visit the website to apply or to download a physical application. Languages: English. Cost: Free. Next Steps ...

  • Search COVID-19/Coronavirus assistance programs in your ZIP code. Programs helping with food, paying bills, and more.

help pay for utilities programs in Tracy, ca |

7. City of Tracy - Facebook

  • Utilities Billing Division will suspend the shut-offs of water service for non-payment of water and sewer bills. Late payment penalties for residents and ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

8. Program: Low Income Rate Assistance (LIRA) -

  • Offers a low-income rate assistance program for water, sewer and garbage services to qualifiy City of Tracy residents. Discount up to $26.05 a month.

  • Offers a low-income rate assistance program for water, sewer and garbage services to qualifiy City of Tracy residents. Discount up to $26.05 a month. - - Financial assistance and Payment plan options available to those who qualify.

9. View and pay a bill - Waternet

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  • Have you received a bill from Waternet? You can pay it here. Or you can find out more about the contents of your bill and your payment options.


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  • You can locate any property in our database by entering the account or parcel number in the search box above. We recommend excluding any dashes or spaces.

11. MID Payment Options | MID Water and Power - Modesto Irrigation District

  • Paying your electric bill should be simple. That's why MID offers many ... Tracy - 1 Location. Valero - MAP 25460 S Schulte Rd., Tracy, CA 95377 (209) ...

  • With MID online services, you can: Pay your bill Monitor your energy use Check your balance Paying your electric bill should be simple. That’s why MID offers many convenient ways to pay your bill. By...

MID Payment Options | MID Water and Power - Modesto Irrigation District
Tracy Water Bill (2024)


Who provides water for Tracy CA? ›

John Jones Water Treatment Plant

Operates the City's Water Treatment Plant and well system to provide a water supply for the City.

How much is garbage per month in Tracy, CA? ›

Monthly Rates for Bins
60-gallon garbage bin$28.90 per month
90-gallon garbage bin$37.93 per month

What is the phone number for the city of Tracy water bill? ›


To contact a customer service representative, you may call (209) 831-6800 or email

Who provides electricity in Tracy? ›

EBCE procures electricity and works with PG&E, who delivers the power, maintains the grid and bills customer accounts.

Is Tracy tap water safe to drink? ›

Water Quality and Control

Water treatment monitoring is continually performed to ensure drinking water is meeting regulatory standards.

Who gives California water? ›

The Colorado Aqueduct, built in the 1930s, transports water from the Colorado River to Southern California. It's operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and is the region's primary source of drinking water.

Why is garbage collection so expensive? ›

In most places, the costs of the collection system — buying and maintaining the trucks, fueling them for daily routes, staffing them with drivers and trash handlers, maintaining the electronics and hydraulics, and insurance on all of the above — accounts for more than two-thirds of a resident's costs.

How much garbage is that for each person for one day? ›

Each day, an average person contributes about 4.4 to 4.9 pounds of household waste, a number that can vary depending on individual consumption habits.

How much is garbage pickup in LA? ›

Today, the current trash fee is $36.32 a month, or about $436 a year, for basic service.

How do I check my water bill? ›

Query your bill by dialing *888# and select option 2 – Query Bill.

What number do I call to pay my Cal water bill? ›

To pay your Cal Water bill over the phone using your bank account or Visa (credit or debit), MasterCard (credit or debit), or Discover card, call (888) 598-9824 (toll-free).

Where can I pay my KC water bill? ›

You can drop off your payment in our lock box located in front of our lobby (South Entrance) at 4800 E. 63rd St. Kansas City, MO 64130. Please include your full 17-digit account number or the detached bottom portion of your bill with your payment.

How much are utilities in Tracy CA? ›

Utilities (Monthly)

In Tracy, energy bills cost around $269.52 per month.

Why is my PG&E bill negative? ›

Current Monthly Energy Charge or Credit (-): For the current billing month, shows the total of your monthly energy charges on imported electricity, net of credits you received for sending energy back to the grid. If the number is negative, you received more credits than charges for the month.

What does PG&E cover? ›

The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 16 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. Pacific Gas and Electric Company and other energy companies in the state are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Who provides water for Santa Clara County? ›

Sources available to the City include an extensive local underground aquifer and imported water supplies delivered by two wholesale water agencies: Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) Hetch Hetchy system.

Who provides water to Hayward CA? ›

SFPUC is the sole supplier of water to Hayward. e Hetch Hetchy watershed, an area located in Yosemite National Park, provides the majority of water delivered by SFPUC to Hayward.

Who provides water to Livermore CA? ›

There are two water service providers within Livermore city limits - Livermore Municipal Water and California Water Service (Cal Water).

Where to pay warner robins water bill? ›

The City of Warner Robins provides water, sewer, natural gas, and sanitation services. You can pay your services online, or by phone at 844-680-5656. Payments made online will be reflected on your account the next business day.

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